Exploring the Creative Scene in York County

York County is a vibrant and creative hub, with a plethora of art groups and events to explore. From sculptures on street corners to parks filled with summer festivals and lunchtime concerts, to restaurants adorned with local art and live music, every corner of York is bursting with creative expression. The York County Cultural Alliance was established in 1999 as a United Arts Fund, helping to cultivate a thriving community. The Susquehanna Art Museum showcases rotating works by local, national, and international artists on a variety of topics.

The Agricultural Industrial Museum displays agricultural artifacts produced or used in York County for more than three centuries, including locally manufactured wagons, tractors, steam engines, and agricultural tools. The Four Mile Run Historical Park presents four buildings that reflect the private and public life of early York, including a reconstruction of the Colonial Courthouse, where the Second Continental Congress met during York's nine-month term as the capital of the United States. The Fire Museum of York County houses collections from more than 200 years of firefighting in York County, such as horse-drawn fire carriages, antique fire trucks, fire uniforms, photographs, and much more. The Center for Community Engagement at York College of Pennsylvania and the York Art Association at Marketview Arts host a variety of events throughout the year. From New Liberty to Hanover, from the center to the east, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the creative scene in York County.

Whether you're interested in Pennsylvania's rich historic culture or the modern, industrial touch of York's contemporary poetic and art scene, there's more than enough to fill your day with excitement.

Darin Nowlan
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