Exploring York County's Art Groups: Field Trips and Excursions

Are you looking for a unique way to explore the art groups located in York County? Whether you're a member or non-member, there are plenty of field trips and excursions available to help you discover the area's rich culture and history. If you're looking to book a youth group tour, you'll need to make an appointment. To do this, fill out the request form for school group visits for K-12 year olds or the request form for visits to camps and community youth groups for summer camps and community youth organizations. At Laguardia, a long-standing tradition is to include a group photo of graduating students (and each studio) in the yearbook.

To achieve this, the graduating class usually walks to the Bethesda fountain in Central Park to take pictures. Children who attend LYFE or a 3K program or preschool at an elementary school or preschool education center should participate in the remote learning experiences described in their program. The Fine Arts Studio has also added additional dates and times for all of this year's art exhibitions, so families can find something that works for them. The complex also includes a reproduction of the Colonial Courthouse from 1754, which was created to represent the headquarters of the Continental Congress that met in York from September 1777 to June 1778 and adopted the Articles of Confederation.

Students can explore a comprehensive exhibition that covers the history of York County from its inception to the mid-19th century, including information on the Susquehannock Indians, the American Revolution, and the Civil War. Agricultural artifacts produced or used in the county for three centuries are also on display, including locally manufactured wagons, a tractor, steam engines, and agricultural tools. There's also more than 225 years of firefighting equipment, representative of the 72 fire companies in York County. Kindergarten and high school students are expected to log in and participate in their classes from home.

The Museum reserves the right to limit the number of adult companions participating in school group visits. This museum emphasizes the breadth of York County's history from its first settlements to the turn of the century. Met Friends groups contribute to new acquisitions and programs within specific departments of the museum and provide an opportunity to establish relationships with curators and patrons in a behind-the-scenes environment. Located in the 1903 Royal Fire House, visitors can see how York's firefighters worked, lived and played.

Highcase clocks, decorative arts and furniture from York County, original drawings by local artist Lewis Miller, and the community exhibition A Place to Call Home are on display on the second floor. York County is home to some of America's most fascinating art groups and offers plenty of opportunities for exploration through field trips and excursions. Whether you're a member or non-member, there are plenty of ways to discover its rich culture and history. From school group visits for K-12 year olds to summer camps and community youth organizations, there are plenty of activities available for all ages.

Plus, with its Colonial Courthouse from 1754, agricultural artifacts produced or used in the county for three centuries, firefighting equipment from 225 years ago, and exhibitions covering its history from inception to mid-19th century - there's something for everyone!.

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