Exploring the Art Scene in York County: A Guide for Arts Enthusiasts

The York County Arts Council is a vibrant organization that offers a wide range of arts programs, from visual and performing arts events to an annual Juried Art exhibition. To meet budgetary needs, the art association also developed an educational program that offers fine art classes taught by professional artists. The mission of the Arts Council is to create arts programs that encourage education, economic development, and the promotion of the arts through unique artistic experiences that engage the community to make York County a regional arts destination. The York Art Association was established as The York Art Club in 1999, and has since grown from approximately 200 members to nearly 350.

Funds were raised in honor of Nancy M. Woodward, president and devoted member of the York Art Association. During this period, the York Art Association drafted the current mission statement, as well as a mission statement for the Education Program and for the galleries. The York Art Association continues to provide its members and the community with a place to participate, observe, and appreciate the visual arts.

Through its gallery exhibitions, educational program, and special events, they encourage and develop interest in the visual arts; provide educational opportunities through classroom classes, workshops, conferences, and publications; support interaction within the community and provide a place for members and non-members to exhibit their works in a gallery setting. Student artists participating in the York Community Art Scholars Exhibition also have the opportunity to attend free professional development workshops led by Fine Arts and Graphic Design teachers from York College of Pennsylvania. Each year, student artists from high schools across York County take part in YCASE programs, which include the downtown art walk, the finalist exhibition at Marketview Arts, and exclusive workshops. By taking part in Arts Council events, you understand and agree that your photograph or image may be taken in any public place.

The York County Cultural Alliance helps foster a thriving community by providing increased funding for prizes and exhibitions. Through its various initiatives, it has become a regional arts hub that offers a wide variety of art forms for everyone to enjoy.

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