Unlock Creative Opportunities in York County with Creative York

Creative York is a non-profit organization that is devoted to promoting the artist community in York County, South Carolina. Through a variety of activities, classes, and events, Creative York provides chances for professional and collaborative growth for artists of all ages. From free art exhibitions to award-winning outreach programs, Creative York is dedicated to making the arts more accessible to the public. The Art in the Parks program is an effort that focuses on reaching at-risk children living in York City.

This program has been praised for its success in providing children with creative outlets and opportunities for growth. In addition to this program, Creative York also offers art classes and camps, gallery experiences, and small grants for artists, schools, nonprofit organizations, and government units. Monthly artist meetings are held on the fourth Sunday of each month at the Center for the Arts. These meetings give regional visual artists a chance to network and critique art. Creative York also supports local artists through their Alleys Like Galleries project which transforms busy alleys into art galleries that showcase works by local and regional artists. Adults can also take advantage of Creative York's offerings with their adult art classes at the Center for the Arts.

These classes provide a great opportunity to develop artistic talents and explore creative expression. The Arts Council also offers workshops in unexpected places such as craft breweries and dance and movement classes at the Arts Center. By taking part in Creative York's events, you agree that your photograph or image may be taken in any public place. You also grant permission and consent to Creative York to use such photograph, film, or image for any reasonable purpose. Established in 1990, Creative York is committed to making the arts more accessible to everyone. Through their various programs and events, they strive to encourage creativity and creative expression for people ages 3 to 103.

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