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Workshop Series
Experience ceramics workshops with nationally known potters, hands-on KidsArt classes, and free artist demonstrations with our first-ever Workshop Series!
UP NEXT: Saturday, July 26, Pottery Workshop

Arts Alive! Summer Art Camp
Let your child be an actor, sculptor, painter or jewelry-maker for a week and the Arts Council’s Arts Alive Summer Camps. The camps will feature one-week workshops of 21 various topics for ages seven and above. The camps will be located at the Center for the Arts and The Gettys Center, both on Main Street Rock Hill.

Art After Hours
A new opportunity for York County's "young crowd," ages 25-40 to experience the arts.

Keeping your family connected


A family focused on a common goal, works together and talks together. Family projects bring all family members closer. Whether you choose to watch the night sky together, create a garden (large or small!), or put together a time capsule, you will enjoy the camaraderie and conversation that develops.

Here are some great family project ideas that you might want to adopt – and who knows, some of these may well become a family tradition before too long.


Did you know that there are over eight thousand artificial objects orbiting Earth? Over 2,500 are satellites, operative and inoperative while the remaining objects are orbital debris: parts such as nosecone shrouds, lenses, hatch covers, rocket bodies, and even objects that ‘escape’ from manned spacecraft during operations.

To spot satellites, grab a few lawn chairs and head for the garden. Depending on the evening you choose, you will see from one of many satellites passing overhead. These could range from communications satellites, to space trash. They look somewhat like really bright stars, passing overhead in a straight path. Those in the know state that the first hour or so after sun down is the best time to spot them. There still has to be enough light in the sky for the satellites to reflect it – so dusk is the best time. When you spot a satellite log what you see and keep a family record.


Make coloring books together. Print coloring pages from the Internet and create coloring books for relatives, friends, nephews, nieces or even for yourselves to be put away for a rainy day. You could also keep a book or two aside as something for younger children to do when they visit your home.

You really can't go wrong if you create a Disney coloring book because children of all ages love the many Disney characters from Mulan to Mickey Mouse and from Goofy to Mowgli. To get you started, at sites like Disney Coloring Pages you’ll find many free Disney printables to print and collate.

Next, create a cover sheet that reads something like, ‘The Smith Family Coloring Book’ and perhaps add ‘To’ and ‘From’ if you plan to give it as a gift.


Container (terrarium) gardens are an ideal project for families living in the Gulf – indoor gardening is much more bearable than the outdoor variety at this time of year. Shopping for plants together on a cool evening and choosing a suitable container are all part of the fun. Because terrariums recycle their moisture, they need very little 'gardening' and care – and they actually thrive on neglect!

Any clear container can be made into a terrarium; the main requirement is that it be watertight. Choose something that is large enough to accommodate the plants, and has a cover or lid to keep the moisture from escaping. Jars, bottles and aquariums are some of the more common containers used. To begin your garden place a 2cm layer of small gravel on the bottom of the container and top it with a good potting soil. The number of plants you place in the garden will depend on the size of the receptacle and the plants. Plants such as miniature African violets, Aeschynanthus, Podocarpus and Fittonia thrive in containers, as do very small ferns and creeping figs. Try not to over plant and leave space for the plants to grow. Water your garden lightly and stand back to admire your work.  


A time capsule can be a great family project to commemorate a special occasion. Fill it with photographs and mementos and then decide how long you would like to put it away for. For instance, is it something you’ll want to look at in 5 or 15 years time? The next step is to choose a container and a good location for said box. 

Any waterproof, airtight and preferably fireproof container will do, there are even websites that will ship custom-made time capsules to you. If your stay at your current location is temporary (if for example you are staying in a rental property) then it is understood that the time capsule is best not buried in the garden! Ask everyone in the family to contribute a few items - clippings, photographs, drawings, hand prints, letters, arts and crafts, toys or just about anything else that fits into the capsule. Mark everything clearly so you or others will know where each item came from and who included it.Finally, fill the capsule, seal it, and then make sure you put it out of sight and out of mind.


From an arts and craft supplier purchase a large canvas and a set of acrylic paints. Divide the canvas into 4, 5 or more sections depending on the number of people in your family. Use masking tape to ‘fence off’ each area and mark each square or rectangle lightly in pencil with the name of the artist for that area, for example Mum, Dad, etc.

So that you don’t crowd each other, it’s best that just two family members paint at a time. If only four complementing colors are used, the effect is striking. Also, if each person fills their area completely with paint, using stripes, zigzags, dots or whatever pattern they like best. When the painting is complete, and this may take more than one week-end, ensure it is dry before removing the masking tape – then marvel at your modern art and hang!


Our family has done this many times and we all have fond and happy memories of each little guest. Animal Welfare Charities are always in need of foster homes and are happy when puppies and kittens go to families with children because to say that an animal has lived in a family environment is a great ‘selling’ point when a permanent home is sought.


If you have little knowledge about your ancestors, a few old photographs and a consuming curiosity, make tracing your family tree a family project.

Enter your ancestor information at and it will search family trees at eight online databases. This free service will create the best family tree searches based on your ancestry and also includes hints for researching your family tree further.


Instead of heading for your favorite fast-food restaurant this week-end, stay home and prepare some slow-food together. If you really want to make it into a project you could even shop for the groceries together.

Even the youngest member of a family can help prepare a meal – a toddler can shake a salad mix together, wash potatoes and other vegetables and even help to set the table.


Take the phone off the hook, turn off the television, bring out a board game and what do you have? An evening of fun and laughter that brings the whole family closer together. Family game nights are a wonderful way to spend quality time and create a family tradition that you and your kids will remember and cherish for years to come.To make it extra special, add snacks, invite other guests such as family friends or relatives, hold tournaments and always display the winner’s name on the fridge! 

Here are some favorite games to consider:

Ages 6-8: Sorry!, Monopoly Jr., Clue Jr., Scrabble Jr. and brilliant, easy and fun card games such as UNO.

Ages 8-10: All the above plus the Game of Life, Monopoly, Jenga and Frustration.

Ages 10-12: All the above plus Scrabble, Yahtzee, Cluedo and Pictionary.

Ages 13 and up: All the above plus Boggle, Atmosfear (teenagers love this DVD board game), Risk, Trivial Pursuit and card games such as Rummy.

School, work, phones, playstation games, the internet, television, friends - let’s face it – every family gets pulled in a million directions. Set aside some quality family time and pull yourselves together! Talk with each other and keep your precious family connected! 

Canvas Art prints: brilliant selections as gift   by Tom Wiliams

While there is a huge popularity of art prints as decorative object for home and office, it is emerging as a popular option as gift for any special occasion. Characteristics that makes a canvas art perfect gift option are many and we can't discuss all those in a single post, we will discuss here some of the identifying features that will signify Art prints to be suitable as gift. Plenty of options we use as gift since a long time, and there should be a variation in that list, top most gift will be an ornament or a decorative item that will be nothing but a piece that will remain in wardrobe for years and the receiver cant get the benefits of those useless gifts. It is important to look for better choices now, more attractive things that will enhance the beauty of house and office accommodation can be purchased online with help of websites offering cheap rates on gift items on every festival season.

Canvas art is the object of your choice, as it is perfect for any occasion. The rates are not on higher side and we can easily select a piece of art that will be ideal for the person. Either it is a birthday celebration or a marriage anniversary on each occasion we have to present a gift that will remain in memories for years to come. Canvas art prints are mainly popular because they are pieces of marvelous artwork done by professional artists with use of latest technologies that will make it convenient and timeless act. Due to advantages of modern technology, it is quite easy to get the desirable prints without facing the issue of complex procedures of printing and developing of a art.

In most cases, people does not take a look at the art prints as gifts, and they search for other options that are common and not suitable in current status of market, this is the problem that should be eradicated by means of understanding of artwork and cultural aspects of the country. Every country has its own culture and traditions, and it is the responsibility of the citizens of the country to follow their tradition and promote artwork and culture of the country. It can be done quite easily by means of canvas art prints, because the variety of options available as photos on canvas will be a huge list and it also covers nature and cultural aspects of the country.

While deciding how effective it is to go with canvas art as gift, always compare other options and you will come to the conclusion. Gifts ideas for better representation of the care and love shared with the receiver will be many, but we should choose the perfect object as gift.

About the Author

You can utilize canvas art prints as gift for someone special; these are stunning pieces of artwork used as Wall Art paintings for home decoration.

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