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Frequently Asked Questions...

Mark Cuban fined $25,000 for Twitter comment?

Okay, almost everybody hates Mark Cuban except some Dallas fans (he has turned the franchise around 180 degrees since he took over). He whines and b*tches. A lot. That is given.

But seriously? Is David Stern really going to fine him for a comment made on Twitter for Pete's sake? Anybody who saw the Dallas/Denver game knows that his complaint is legitimate for once. He expressed disappointment about the fact that a taunting technical was not called on J.R. Smith after he stood over Antoine Wright (who was on the floor in the closing seconds), pointed, waved his towel, and laughed.

@baudkarma: Fair point. But I'm not so much upset that Stern fined Cuban for the umpteenth time, but that he continually refuses to change anything in his and the refs' approach to officiating. No one likes to just give away their money; Cuban is clearly trying to tell Stern to get his refs to be more consistent.

Best Answer...


Of course he's going to fine Cuban. There's a rule, if you make a negative comment about the officials in public, you get fined. It doesn't matter how justified the comment is... say bad things about the refs, and you get fined. It's not like Cuban didn't know this.

The alternative is for the Commissioners office to sort of pick and choose which rules to enforce, and when. Is that what you'd prefer?