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Topless Photo


'Mad Men' Actress, Olivia Munn Deny Nude Pics Are Genuine (newsy-allvideos)

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(Image source: iVillage)


Nothing says "you've made it" in Hollywood quite like a nude photo scandal.

**"Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and now
Christina Hendricks? ... Hollywood, watch your back - you've been hacked."**
(Video: CelebTV)

"Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks and TV personality Olivia Munn are the
latest Hollywood stars to have their phones hacked, with private pictures
popping up online. These are just the safe-for-work ones. (Images: Crushable)

But while a topless photo of each star came with each hacked photo set,
neither pic featured a face. A rep for Munn denies the nudie pics are legit,
and TMZ seems torn on what to believe.

**"... according to sources, the ones where you can't see her face are 100%
fake ... including the nude shot. We're told someone with a similar body to
Olivia is taking provocative photos and trying to pass them off as the real
thing -- why ... we have no idea."**

Buzz60 is also skeptical after Hendrick's rep confirmed her client's phone was
hacked, and that the pictures are real -- well … except for the anonymous
topless shot.

MAUREEN ALADIN: **"If people are obsessed with ...