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Girls of BSN - Samantha Seubert Photo Shoot 2011

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Samantha Photo

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which of these female music artists would be perfect as a spokesperson for beauty products?

If you were trying to market a new line of cosmetics, hair products or clothing for women, which of the following three female music artists do you think would make the best celebrity spokesperson for commercials and advertising?

Irish singer Samantha Mumba

Grunge rocker Courtney Love


Canadian electroclash artist Peaches?

This is not meant as a serious question, by the way. :)

Best Answer...


No one in their right mind would pick anyone except for Samantha Mumba, given the three choices.

Looking at her first pic, I guess Courtney Love could be used to sell lipstick...if you were marketing it to drag queens.

As for Peaches, she's so ugly I couldn't even see her being a spokesperson for dog food commercials...because people's pet dogs would probably lose their appetite looking at her. In fact, Peaches looks more like she'd be the one eating the dog food in the commercials.