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Frequently Asked Questions...

What photo editing software highlights just certain objects and leaves the others black and white?

I am wanting to purchase professional photo editing software that will help me highlight a certain object in the picture. Example: I want a black and white photo with only the blue eyes showing in color. What software should I buy and it this an easy task to accomplish?

Best Answer...


In PhotoShop, you can select the blue eyes and then go to "Select" and inverse the selection. Now everything but the blue eyes will be selected. You then go under Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and desaturate everything. That will turn everything to black and white except the eyes.

I'll try one and link it here.

OK, there's an example for you. There are other ways to achieve this result, but I this worked really fast. You can also change the color -- make everything black and white but give him red eyes.