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Ajab si [Full Song] Original Print

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I am looking for the original print of a John wayne painting?

The painting has John Wayne's upper torso on the top and a stagecoach at the bottom. I know there are reprints of this painting and some pretty good oil painting copies but i am looking for the whereabouts of the original. I believe the artist is Peter Shinn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


here is and example of what it looks like

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Your question is confusing. The header says you're looking for the print. Then the text sounds like you're looking for the painting.

The link you included states the artist is Peter Shinn.

Apparently he painted a number of paintings featuring John Wayne.

You could try contacting these people several of whom say they have Peter Shinn John Wayne original paintings and see if any of them have the one you're looking for:


This person was selling theirs: