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I am trying to find out about a painting that I bought today.?

I bought this painting today at an antique store. It is supposedly an original canvas painting by a man named Eric Murphy dated 1979. The lady who was selling it said she was from New Orleans but came to my area after the hurricane. There is an Eric Murphy I found online and I am pending contact with him. His other paintings online look nothing like the one I bought.
Here is the link to a picture of the painting. Any information you can provide will be much appreciated.


Hmmm ok. Well of course at first it offended me that someone would assume it was fake just by looking at a picture of it. I examined sort of closely.....it looks real.

The frame does have hecho in mexico on it. But the date is was matted and framed is written in hand by the person who did it with the exact date. there is also a gold seal that says certified oil on it. It is real canvas for sure. Am I being naive here?

Best Answer...


It looks like Luna is right here. So you can give me a thumbs down, too.

This painting, and the original frame it came in, looks very much like those mass produced paintings that come out of painting 'factories' in either Europe of Mexico. I'm willing to bet, if you looked closely at the back of the frame it will have either 'Made In Mexico' or 'Hecho En Mexico' stamped on it. The 'artists' who whip these out daily aren't paid much and aren't allowed to use their real names. So they have fake artists names (non-Latino sounding) assigned to them.

The reason why you can't find an American artist with this name who paints like this is because this Eric Murphy is a pseudonymous (fictional) name.

These quick paintings are then mass marketed in the US at so-called public art sales (at shopping mails, at outside markets, etc.) and these sales are advertised on television as 'Original Oil Paintings from $19.95 to $89.95.' They base their prices on not how good the artwork is but on how large the canvas and frame is.

This does not mean that it's not a pretty painting (some of those mass producing artists are pretty dame good) and that you shouldn't feel proud to have it hanging in your house if you really love it. But it does mean that it really isn't worth much to a collector of serious art or an art dealer.

If you like your painting the price shouldn't matter. It's true value is in the joy it brings you.

EDIT: I did not say in any way that it was 'fake.' It is very much a real painting. It's just one of those real paintings that are whipped out quickly by the thousands as decoration art and sold in large quantities at featured art sales by several marketing companies. The little Gold Seal stating it's an original oil painting is just one of the gimmicks the art wholesalers use to make the buyer think they're getting some priceless work or art for $49.95 (framed) or less. It's a selling gimmick.

But as I also said ---- that the only thing that should be important to you is that you love the painting, not how much it is worth. True worth comes from the heart.