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Frequently Asked Questions...

Question about wording attached to original art in lieu of copyright?

How about "not to be copied or reprinted in any form without express written notarized consent of artist under penalty of ...??Help me word this? A bunch of people want to see samples of my art and of course none of it is copyrighted yet,I am just starting out trying to sell my art!! Can you copyright an entire body of art or do you have to do (& pay for) each piece individually? Come on you guys are smart!! I want 10 good answers ASAP!! Thanks, kidding.

Best Answer...


You do not have to register a copyright, although it gives you a bigger bat if it comes to a legal situation and is required in some situations, you gain the basic level of copyright on creation of the work to indicate this all you need is to use the © symbol followed by your name and the year –
© J. Smith, 2008

So-called ‘Poorman’s copyright’ (sending yourself a copy in the post and keeping it unopened) is not a substitute and does not have any evidential standing.