Old Painting

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I found an old painting it looks very interesting how can I find out information about?

I found a really neat old painting. I went to libraries, I emailed several museums. No one can give me any information about my painting. Its signed. But no one can tell me about the artest or the painting. How can I find out about my painting?

Best Answer...


Do you have a local historical society ? or even check the census records which are free to public access upon request for the time period you think it's from, chances are you might run across the name of the artist or one of their relatives which you could then track down by way of later census records, birth/death certificates. I know, my niece and I have been through tons of microphish film libraries researching our own genaeology and have come up with some pretty interesting info on our backgrounds. Most people are pretty helpful in this area if you just let your intentions be known to them.