Silver Dragon

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does a silver dragon symbol mean anything?

Ok, so i've had a choker since i was little. I got a second one a while ago, and it reminded me of my old one (I left the new one in the packet, and might give it to one of the kids that are family friends kids) so i got the original one, and ripped it off the choker (too small) and now it's a little silver dragon.

My sister made me a black bracelet when she was practicing sewing. She is my older sister, and she generally is pretty mean to me, and it's a pretty cool bracelet, it's more of an armband, and in made of simple black thread, and the sorta thing I would wear.

I was thinking of stitching the silver dragon onto the black band.

I was wondering what a silver dragon symbolizes, because I think it means something.

Thanks guys.

Best Answer...


Dragons symbolize power, ferociousness, valiance, determination and freedom. Silver symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, wealth, materialism. So, if you combine both, it would represent one who is down to earth, bold and wise, willing and determined to fight when necessary.