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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is it ok if I put a bra that says 'hand wash in cold water' into the washing machine?

I dont feel like hand washing it.... i have more important things to do

Best Answer...


I wash all my bras, even my $80 Chantelle and Freya bras, in the washing machine. I use the Tide lingerie bag because the mesh is so fine that even if the bras come unhooked, they won't snag.

Tide also sells a neat little contraption called the BraBaby that is supposed to keep molded cup bras in great shape. It's only good for those smaller than a D cup, though, so I had to return mine.

However, I would NEVER EVER put a bra in the dryer. The heat will mess with the elastic and it will not last very long at all. I dry my bras flat, or hang them over the shower curtain bar if I don't have the counter space. It was really funny when the maintenance guys came over to replace my water heater and saw about 7 bras laying over my shower curtain rod!