Figure Art

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Nude figure art modeling?

I want to try modeling nude for an art class at a local University as a part time gig. I have some concerns. I don't want my full time job to know about this. Will I be able to use a nick name for this part time gig. I'm also worry about getting erections. I don't want anyone to see me erect. If I was to get erect, what would happen? Also, do most men shave their pubic hair when they model?

Best Answer...


Getting outed as a nude model is part of the territory. I wouldn't be too concerned about someone recognizing you in a drawing.... most students don't do faces very well. Even in an advanced class, I work for, nobody has ever gotten my face right. I think it's a lot of artist interpretation.

As far as shaving goes, I wouldn't let art modeling dictate wither you do or don't. models come in all shapes and sizes, hairy or smooth. Do you own thing.

Um erections. IF you feel one coming on, feign a leg cramp, ask for a break and put your robe on until the feeling passes. Soon you'll learn that modeling nude for art is about as sexual as watching paint dry.

Good luck!