Carving Human

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need information on a old CHARLES EDOUARD DELORT picture?

Hi, I have a framed picture it has on back on the top left corner, Painted by CHARLES EDOUARD DELORT. in center AT THE FOUNTAIN, is the name of art. top right corner says PHOTOGRAVURE BY HASKELL PUBLISHING COMPANY. it's in black original frame with tacs holding in picture set behind cardboard. I would guess the picture to be at least 80 years of age or more due to the age and wear of paper on back. the image is of a building with very life like images. it has three woman getting water in front of the building a man is on horse there looking down upon them. as they fetch. the water. In the window above is a man and woman looking down. and a man pushing something down the road. the building has castle like appearance with carved human images carved in the stone with lots of detailed carving all over remainder of building

I am wanting to know when he painted this art and to get idea of when the painting got published, anyone got infor on the publishing company?

Best Answer...


Delort was alive between 1841-1895. He started working around 1859 when he began his art training with Charles Gleyre.

A photogravure is an early type of print/photograph which was often used for reproducing fine art prints during the 1920/30's.

From what I can gather Haskell Publishers are based in New York