York City

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I get to New York City from Williamsport, Pennsylvania without using a car?

I am visiting Williamsport, PA this June. I would also get a chance to see New York while I am there. Is there a way for me to get to New York City without having to drive my rental car, perhaps by train? Any information would be helpful.

Best Answer...


Take the Susquehanna Trailways bus.

There are two to three runs each day.

All days:
Leaving New York, NY 7:30 AM Arriving Williamsport, PA 1:25 PM
Leaving New York, NY 4:00 PM Arriving Williamsport, PA 9:40 PM

Fri & Sun Only:
Leaving New York, NY 6:40 PM Arriving Williamsport, PA 11:00 PM