World War

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Origins of World War I (1 of 2)

Frequently Asked Questions...

Will America start a new world war and when Americas empire falls who will be the next superpower?

I'm English and I like American culture. However people from all over the world seem to hate America and its lifestyle many countries also seem to be paranoid about Americas power. But do you think America will try to dominate the world through a world war, and if they don't who will be the next superpower to rule the world.

Best Answer...


Bush was only interested in 2 things;
Oil, and finishing his dad's business in Iraq
Don't know why Blair suckered us in the UK in. A pair of lying shallow thinkers. But let's not forget that Sadaam was a brutal dictator too. If he'd had no oil, they would not have gone.

China is definately the next superpower.