Wall Poster

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I blew up a picture to a wall poster of my son breakdancing on a hood of a car,?

I want to just get the image of him with out the surrounding objects in the background which are houses and trees. Is there any website or software that I can use just to have the image of him. I want to blow it into a poster, how can I do that?
Any photo effects that I can use?

Best Answer...


If you are looking for somewhere to get a big print made then check out mpix.com (see 1st link below). Mpix offer print sizes up to 24x36 inches.

If you are looking for an image editing/manipulation software then here are 2 recommendations:

*Adobe Photoshop Elements (see 2nd link below, cost about $80 retail)

*GIMP Image Manipulation software (see 3rd link below, this is a free software)

Hope this helps.