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Frequently Asked Questions...

WHat is the value of a marlin ducks unlimited 50th aniversary 22?

Its's only been fired twice.

Best Answer...


Most DU guns are not worth much more than the standard model gun without a DU medallion in the stock or any engraving that might be on the gun. Even the Dinner Guns (guns of the year) usually are valued at 10% - 20% more than the standard gun by the manufacturer.
I had a 1992 DU Gun of the year, a Franchi 12 ga. semi-auto. that I bought for $400 and sold for $450. It was new in the box unfired condition. The 100% value of the standard gun is $415.
There really isn't a huge demand or premium on most of the guns, especially any of the .22 rifles. Any premium value your gun had over the standard Marlin rifle was lost when it was fired. Only new in the box UNFIRED guns will command a premium.
You didn't say which model yours is, but I'm guessing it's either a 39TDS or 990.
There is a 990 listed at the link below for $199.99 that has no bids on it. The 100% Blue Book price on this standard gun is $115.00. I highly doubt that this gun will sell. If yours is a 990 like this one and it's been fired that would lower value to at least 98% condition and the value is $90.00. If you add a 10% premium for it being a DU model you're value is still only $100.00

There is a 39TDS listed on GunsAmerica for $525.00 at the link below. That price is only $25.00 above the 100% Blue Book price for the standard 39TDS.

A lot of sellers ask very high prices for the DU guns and they don't sell. On the auction sites be sure to check at the end of the auction to see IF the gun sold, or even had any bids.
A guy that has 2 Ducks Unlimited dinner guns has been trying to sell them at local gun shows for the past few years. His prices are reasonable, about 10% over the 100% book price of the standard gun, but he still can't sell them.
For ANY gun auction prices tend to be on the high side, so check at the end of the auction to see if the gun had any bids or met the reserve price. Just because somebody is auctioning a gun at a $200 starting price does not make it a $200 gun, especially when it doesn't sell.