Cattle Show

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Possible Long Distance Relationship... Should I give it a shot?

I'm at a cattle show and there is this girl there from Nebraska. I'm from Kansas though. We have to stay in contact because we are helping plan next year's show. She is almost 2 years younger than me. I'm 17 and a half. I have known her for two years. Today her and I went to braums together today and we have been hanging out a lot at the hotel. And she thinks I'm pretty funny and cool. She has been cheated on every time she has been in a relationship, I will never ever cheat on any girl that I date.

Should I tell her that I haven't cheated and never will with any girlfriend that I will have?
Does she like me?
What should I do, she is so amazing?
Anything else?

Best Answer...


of course i mean does it hurt if you do. no and it would be a good experience