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Digging Deeper into Web Analytics (INC)

Get a better handle on what you're tracking and why. Here's a good place to

Dear Jeff,

I track conversion rates on our website. A consultant says I need to track
take rate, too. What is take rate, and should I care? --Shari Rosen

Conversion Rate is the ratio of the people who took a particular action
compared to the total number of people who could have taken that action.

Typically the action is a purchase but it could also be a newsletter sign-up,
a request for more information, downloading a demo, etc. How you define
"conversion" depends on your goals.

For example, say you send an e-mail promotion to the 2,000 people on your
mailing list. You want them to click the link in your email and visit your
website to learn more about the offer.

170 people click the link. 170/2,000 = .085, or 8.5%. Your conversion rate was

Of course "converted" can mean different things. In the example above, your
goal was to get the people on your mailing list to come to your website and
check out your promotion. Since that was your intended action, the people who
came to your website ...


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