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Stripe Sweet

Custom monster high Toralei Stripe sweet 1600

Frequently Asked Questions...

Just for fun..shownames?

heres some description of horses at my barn w/o show names for each one give it a show name! i just thought this would be fun and im bored so yeah.

1. 16.3hh Hanoverian bay two white stockings white blaze 8 years old hunter/ jumper -hyper and skittish- excellent jumper barn name " Roxie"

2. 15.2 skinny quarter horse 15 yrs english flat light jumping fast and hard headed bay white blaze barn naem"sweets"

3. 16.1 hand quarter horse/ thoroughbred 14 yrs old bay with star barn name calm and level headed " willie"

4. Miniature dapple grey white stripe. sweet and loving barn naem " holly"

no nasty comments i am bored and just want to see what youd give them as a show name thx

Best Answer...


1. Roxanna

2. Sweet Feet

3. Willie Be Mine

4.Holiday Happiness

haha that was fun ^^ xDDDDD thanks for the entertaiment