Signed Serigraph

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anyone know what the location is in this painting? 10 points!?

This is a signed serigraph by Warren Woodward & I need to know what place it is? 10 points for the right answer! Thanks

Best Answer...


 Familiar, if you notice the roof coloring, it appears more Italian, though any town along the Mediterranean coast would have these type of villas for fishing and location,

 Theres a similar Ebay Item up for sale, but price may be lower than value if authentic, so be careful when selling, have reappraised,

Location: Manarola ✔ ,of Riomaggiore ,of Cinque Terre

Manarola (town)

> part of : Riomaggiore Italy (municipal)

> part of Cinque Terre, Italy (5 villas)

quicktime vr panorama,