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Evan Shapiro: Who Shot JR? Who Cares? (TV Squad)

Let me make one thing clear: I really liked the remake of _Battlestar
Galactica_. Seriously, I did. OK? Now that that's out of the way, here is this
week's hypothesis:

**TV Remakes Are Bad Mojo**.

It's not that I think producing series that have already been made shows a
lack of originality or ambition (which I do). It's not that rehashing shows
from the past reduces the chances for new; unique ideas to succeed (which it
does). It's not even that I intensely dislike almost all of the TV that has
ever been remade (before you set your Tweet to stun, see the _BSG_ comment

I claim that TV Remakes are bad juju, because I have done the research, and it
is simply, conclusively, unquestionably, factually true. Skeptical? Here is a
chart laying out the historical success/failure rate of TV Remakes, show by

**Notes:** I have run the data two ways -- with and without _Smallville_. With
_Smallville_, the data is terrible. However, unlike _Lois & Clark_,
_Smallville_ is not really a remake of _The Adventures of Superman_ -- it's an
extension of the Comic Book and Film franchise. Without _Smallville_ in the
calculation, the results ...

TV Squad

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