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bedroom decorating ideas [teen]?

My dad just moved into an apartment and I have my own bedroom at his house. I'm into punk hardcore, grunge, and post hardcore music. I want my room to reflect that. I can't paint. I'm getting black, triangular curtains [see the room from Metro Station--Control], and a plaid comforter. I need some ideas as to how to make the room look less plain without filling it with posters. I'd like a bean bag chair in the room. For storage it would be a good idea to use fruit crates to hold books, magazines, newspaper articles, etc, a barrel or full size crate to use as a clothes hamper, and wire hangers for clothes. Another idea I had was to use a small, wooden ladder to hold shoes and handbags, since, you know, I'm a girl. A vanity mirror, too, would be nice to have. I just need some more ideas.

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you can buy cork board in sheets at a home building supply or just buy a framed one at an office supply. You can pick out a cool print fabric and cover it. I used a staple gun to cover an old one my dad had. Get some cool push pins and you can hang whatever you want on it without messing up the walls. You could even do several of these in different fabrics in a big checkerboard pattern on the wall.

We have a local "junk man" who cleans out offices and warehouses. I saw some single gym lockers the other day that would be great storage if they were painted black. You could use magnets to post pics and notes on it too.